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We help you bring your ideas to life by delivering an equity crowd-funding platform, a rapid ideation framework, and a trusted alumni network oflike-minded co-founders, advisors, and investors from world’s premier schools.
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"Years of working with entrepreneurial students have taught me how important it is to have a well-designed platform where students can receive frequent and frank mentoring and feedback from multiple voices of experience."

*Chris RiesbeckProfessor at Farely Center of Entrepreneurship at Northwestern UniversityPh. D., Stanford University*
...Ido SarigGeneral ManagerIntel/WindRiver

"StartupWind enables entrepreneurs to tap into a rich network of resources- people who want to help and have a skill set to actually help"

...Vish BidangeSr Product ManagerUSC Alumni

"StartupWind let me use the collective wisdom of well qualified peers which let me pivot quickly in right direction. Feedback from peers gives me motivation and keeps me going."

...Kevin HarezaStudentKellog/Northwestern

"As an MBA student, I think of StartupWind as a digital ecosystem of like-minded individuals - each of whom is capable of providing immediate tactical feedback on my business idea."

Growing number of Students, alumni, professors and accelerators from premier schools are using StartupWind.